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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." Carl Rogers


Tel: 07970 421016

Stafford Wilson MBACP

PG Dip Counselling

University of the West of England

Why Have Counselling?


Counselling is a safe space where you can talk about problems and share difficult emotions without shame or judgement.


We often feel that we should be able to deal with our problems without others help. But it is often through sharing and opening up to others, that we can find the way to heal ourselves.


Trauma, mental or emotional problems, disconnect us from ourselves and others. Sharing our pain and our story (in a relationship where it can be held safely) can allow us to value, respect and have compassion for all parts of ourselves (especially the parts that are hurting).


This re-integration unblocks our creative/healing potential and our sense of purpose and meaning. Allowing us to accept where we our right now in our lives and transcend stuck or painful patterns of behaviour, emotions and beliefs.


Counselling can provide opportunities for healing which are often difficult to find in our normal relationships with friends and family. An opportunity to share things in confidence which may not be possible to share elsewhere. A safe non-judgemental space where any blocks or negative patterns in relationships can be brought to light and explored. And a place where difficult, intense or painful emotions can be felt safely, helping you to listen to, accept and move through them.


Many problems and circumstances in life can be helped through the therapeutic alliance of counselling. These include depression, anxiety, bereavement, abuse, addiction, family/relationship problems, anger issues, shame issues, low self-worth etc... I use a wide range of theory to help you explore the origins and patterns of problems, and also to facilitate working through difficult feelings like anger, fear, shame or grief which can come up in this process.


My aim is to provide you with a healing space where you can have full awareness, acceptance, and compassion for your experience, and therefore unblock the creativity and courage to heal and grow.

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